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House of Little Scientists: Natural fiber

The main idea of the „House of Little Scientists " program is to encourage preschool children—both in the program as well as in the audiences—to happily observe, explore and experiment to gain insight into scientific experiences, and to have a lot of fun while doing it! In this short film, young viewers will learn all about natural fibers: they will discover that some of their clothes are made from the socalled cotton flower. This unique flower is processed into silk threads, which will later be weaved into various patterns of clothes with a special cotton weaving machine.

Director Details

Warinnet Termsirikamol

Early Learners (5-8 years)
  • Categories Family Edutainment

  • Original Title บ้านนักวิทยาศาสตร์น้อย ตอน เส้นใยธรรมชาติ
  • Produced by The National Science Museum, Thailand (NSM)
  • Running Time 10:19 minutes
  • Country Thailand
  • Year 2019

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