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Our Fascinating Planet: The Malay Archipelago – In Search of Life

Focus Theme:
2019 Humboldt and the Web of Life

The Malay Archipelago is an El Dorado for naturalists. Even before Charles Darwin published his theory on the origin of species, the biodiversity of the islands once led a certain Alfred Russel Wallace to the answer to the question: Where does the abundance of species come from? This thought transformed eventually into the question of all questions: Where do we come from? The archipelago with its unusual inhabitants helped Alfred Russel Wallace to reach conclusions that would change the world. Until today, this world keeps fascinating scientists. In Borneo and Sulawesi, Dirk Steffens traces back the footsteps of Alfred Russel Wallace.

Director Details

Dr. Tobias Schultes

University and General Public (17+ years)
  • Categories Natural Science, Life Science & Technology

  • Original Title Faszination Erde: Der Malaiische Archipel – Dem Leben auf der Spur
  • Produced by ZDF
  • Running Time 42:47 minutes
  • Country Germany
  • Year 2018

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