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Bangkok - 14. November 2018
Blue Hour - a convivial dinner to promote culinary international understanding.

Blaue Stunde Bangkok
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​On 14 November 2018, the Goethe-Institut Thailand is inviting guests to a round table in Bangkok. The Blue Hour dinner is the main event of the culinary summit meeting Wanderlust Küche - A Culinary Dialogue, which includes a series of events spread over several weeks. German top chef Mirko Trenkner will prepare a menu for 120 guests together with Thai star chef Bo, owner of the legendary Bangkok Bo Lan Restaurant. This top gourmet meeting of Thai and German gastronomic cultures will be celebrated in the form of a convivial, open-air, round -table dinner in the garden of the Goethe-Institut.

With two of the best chefs of Germany and Thailand uniting efforts in the kitchen and conjuring up a three-course gourmet dinner from regional, fresh ingredients, this evening is guaranteed to be a delightful journey into a world of completely new tastes. Anyone thinking of knuckle of pork with Thai herbs or Tom Kha Gai soup with Swabian spaetzle will be surprised at how much more elaborate the fusion of German and Thai cuisine can be.

To demonstrate that, we have called on the talents of two experts: Hamburg star chef Mirko Trenkner and Duangporn Songvisava - "Bo" - Asia's best chef in 2013. Both have many years of experience in top gastronomy worldwide and are experts in the field of fusion cuisine.
The title of this dinner party, Blue Hour, is a reference to the magical moment when the working day draws to a close and the light turns blue shortly before sunset, announcing the most relaxing and social part of the day.
Our guests at the round table are Thais and Germans who work in diverse fields of the food industry. They include a Bangkok-based German butcher, a Thai wheat beer brewer, the Thai founder of an NGO for sustainable organic food and a Thai-German food artist.

The dinner is an endeavour of the Goethe-Institut to bring food connoisseurs and experts around the table in a pleasurable atmosphere and in a completely new way because the topic of "eating and drinking" connects people - far beyond the Blue Hour Dinner. The aim of this project is to stimulate long-term culinary dialogue between the participating countries whilst dispelling common prejudices about German cuisine, which has long been discredited as boring. A further focus is on the important topic of sustainable food production and the preservation of traditional cooking, which is a matter of particular concern to Thai chef Bo.
The Wanderlust Küche is a trans-regional cultural project of the Goethe-Institut. It will travel on to seven other Southeast Asian countries as well as to the Goethe Instituts of Australia and New Zealand. Mirko Trenkner and his colleagues from the Hamburg chef collective Wertekoche will accompany the project on its travels. Together with local top chefs, they will engage in a culinary dialogue and create completely new menus and dishes.

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