Germany: Chef Helge Hagemann Ollnborger Gröönkohl-Äten

Ollnborger Gröönkohl-Äten

The Story:

I am from the beautiful small city of Oldenburg in the north of Germany close to the Netherlands boarder. Although our City isn ́t well known, our most famous dish definitely is. Every year, shortly after the first frost in November the green kale season starts and Oldenburg ́s citizen celebrating it by going for so called kale tours, long walks through the freezing nature ,drinking strong liqueur and playing some fun games while walking, which probably seem quite strange for an outside observer. The walk usually ends in a German pub that serves the classical Oldenburger kale dish. At the end of the night the party appoints a so called kale king.

The kale tradition is that famous that even the Berlin capitol is celebrating in an annual event the Oldenburger kale tradition and there is a belief among Oldenburg ́s citizens that you can ́t become German chancellor before you have not received the kale kings honors and basically all our chancellor did indeed received it before they got elected to the highest office government.


Serves 4
1,5 kg green kale
2 Tbsp Lard
250 g smoked bacon (one piece)
4 typical sausages from Oldenburg called Pinkel
4 smoked sausages called Mettenden
4 slices of Kasseler
2 onions
  Salt and pepper
3 tbsp oats
500 ml meat broth
1 kg potatoes


1. Remove the kale of the stalk and blanch it briefly in salt water. Drain it, chop it.

2. Dice the onions and slowly cook it with the kale in the lard, season with sugar and little salt.

3. Add the meat-stock and the different meat-parts. Cook the meat till tender, add the oats to slightly thickening the braised kale.

4. The removed bacon is cut in small pieces and added back to the kale.

5. peel the potatoes and cook it in salt water.

6. serve the kale-dish with mustard and German beer.