Raquel Schefer

Raquel Schefer

Film scholar

Raquel Schefer is a film scholar with Portuguese and Brazilian nationality. She is a postdoctoral researcher with an FCT grant at the CEC/University of Lisbon and the University of the Western Cape. Her research project is entitled: “The Trance of the Real: Modernism and Primitivism in Anti-colonial and Post-colonial Cinema” She has received numerous awards, including the 2019 Research and Creation Support Programme award 2019 from the French Institute of Photography, the 2013 Flaherty Fellowship from the United States and the Award for the Best Film in competition at the Lisbon International Festival of Videoart (FUSO) 2010 in Portugal.

Raquel Schefer at the Latitude Festival:

Call for Action & Reflection on Decolonising Archives

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