Since time immemorial, Western literature has been characterised by stereotypical notions of gender. Myths and fairy tales, classical and modern literature are teeming with brave courageous heroes and long-suffering female figures. What is going on here and what is the negotiation actually about?

Feminismen Festival 2022

From 19 to 21 May 2022, the Goethe-Institut invites you to “Frequencies. Sharing Feminisms” at the Pfefferberg area and the Sophiensæle in Berlin. The interdisciplinary festival is devoted to diverse feminist movements around the world and aims to enrich the discourse in Germany. The programme includes discussions, workshops, performances, participatory formats, readings, music and films.


© Goethe-Institut The key visual of the festival " Frequencies. Sharing Feminisms". Diverse fonts and bright colors visualize the concept of frequencies.

In Focus: Feminism

From Womanism to Witch Feminism

The overarching goal of all feminist movements is to put an end to sexist oppression. Feminists of different stripes have very different ideas about how to achieve this goal. An overview.

Photo (detail): Jordi Boixareu © 2021 International women’s day graffiti

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