Project Space in Los Angeles The Neighborhood Interpretive Center

The Neighborhood Interpretive Center
© Joes Garcia
The Neighborhood Interpretive Center is a hyperlocal initiative of the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles that presents innovative cultural programs created by, together with, and for the diverse MacArthur Park community in Los Angeles.

Since October 2021, the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles has been part of the MacArthur Park neighbourhood where many people of colour (Latinx, Asian, and African American) live. In cooperation with local partners and cultural workers, the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles conducted focus groups to better understand how the local community envisioned a collaboration with the Goethe-Institut. In addition, as part of a community advisory council, the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles was able to connect with and listen to the thoughts of various initiatives and organisations in and around the neighbourhood. Through this process, the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles decided to create a project space for people and cultures in the area, which would serve as a platform to present projects directly relevant to the MacArthur Park/Westlake community and surrounding neighbourhoods. 

The Neighborhood Interpretive Center has been active since the beginning of 2022. An open call for cultural workers and creatives sought innovative and engaging projects relevant to the MacArthur Park community. Five projects have since been selected to be presented at the project space throughout the year. 

At the opening on February 26th, the authors Mohamed Amjahid and Alice Hasters discussed the topic „Disruptive Representation and the Limits of Diversity“. 

In March and April 2022, the project space hosted an exhibition of giant kites inspired by Maya traditions, accompanied by kite building workshops for children, as well as a queer performance art night. In August, a retrospective of the Frida Kahlo Theater will be shown.