Writing Contest “Diversity” Dear Majority Society

Contest: Poem for Zeitgeister
© Tobias Schrank

Again and again the offensive question "Where are you really from?" Yasemin Kamisli answers the majority society - with a poem. 

By Yasemin Kamisli

Dear majority society,

and suddenly you could say it, 
it was a few lines, 
a few words with an interpretation, 
a pain and a reality, 
in which you have always been able to find yourself 
you said it out loud 
at last, after being asked one more time 
“But wait a minute, where are you really from?” 
while they asked you that 
you asked yourself who you are anyway, 
who you are even allowed to be 
in such a “diverse” society 
that keeps telling you 
“Then go back to where you came from” 
And that, even though Germany 
is your home 
You said it out loud,  
you said: 
I know, 
I’m not allowed and I just have to 
I have to stop when you start 
I have to be quiet when I get too loud for you 
I have to be strong when your words are too weak 
and I have to be 
even when I don’t even want to be 
since, because of you, I’m no longer 
who I always wanted to be.