Writing Contest “Diversity” The Diversity Within Us

Paintings for Zeitgeister
Illustration: © Tobias Schrank

When we talk about diversity in our society, we often look outwards or at what seems “foreign” and “different” to us personally. But it is worth changing our perspective from the outside to the inside and discovering that the diversity within ourselves gives us a better understanding of the diversity of the world.

By Hanin Ismail El Hussein

  • A painting of a colourful face © Hanin Ismail El Hussein
    This drawing was drawn to be an indication of the human being. As for the colors of the painting, it is a sign of cultural diversity and recognition of its existence. This painting, with its multiple colors and its division, does not belong to one culture without the other, but rather is a mixture of cultures, opinions and points of view.
  • Half of the colourful face painting © Hanin Ismail El Hussein
     Its colors gave life and gave it distinction and made it richer. This is the cultural diversity. Its role gives value to the community and supports opinions and develops thinking. 
  • An abstract coloutful paining of a person © Hanin Ismail El Hussein
    The second drawing is a sign of human and the different composition. The colors signify the difference in its composition and diversity. From here we realize the importance of difference to accept it and coexist with it and that the difference exists even in us. The more we know and are open to cultures and ways of living of others, the more complete the picture gets.