Data protection policy for the App „Deutsche Spuren“ of the Goethe-Institut e.V.

We, the Goethe-Institute e.V. (“we”) take the protection of your personal data very serious. Therefore we inform you in this data protection policy about which of your personal data at your use of this App will be collected, processed or used.

  1. Producer of the App and therewith service provider and controller is the Goethe-Institut e.V., Dachauer Strasse 122, 80637 Munich.

  2. No personal data will be requested of you in the App.

  3. For clarification on which way our users of the App gained attention of the App, we apply the analysis technology “” of the “Adjust GmbH (Saarbrücker Str. 36, 10405 Berlin, ein:

    By clicking on a banner, through which our App is advertised in other Apps or websites of third-party providers, the adjust analysis technique establishes a singular code of the device of the person who is clicking of the banner. This code includes among others the IP Address and other technical data of the device (iOS. IDFA, Android: Android-ID) (“Fingerprint”). The data will be encrypted immediately by a specific encryption technique, a so-called hash algorithm and in a pseudonymous form. This encryption is irreversible. Thereby no inference on the single data, especially on the IP Address, is possible. This fingerprint will be send from the banner to the Adjust GmbH and will be saved there for just a few hours.

    As soon as a user visits an App store via such a banner, downloads there our App and installs it, after installation the App sends at first time – as well on basis of the same data - also such a code to the Adjust GmbH, again via an irreversible encryption and in pseudonymous form. By comparison of this code with the codes from the banners it can be determined whether the App has been downloaded because of our banner advertisement or not. On this occasion, a personal reference does not exist.

  4. No other or further collection or use of personal data will take place.