About Fikrun

    Fikrun wa Fann was a cultural magazine published by the Goethe Institute from 1963 to 2016 that supported and shaped the cultural exchange between Germany and Islamic countries. Together with the publishing of the last issue, “Flight and Displacement” (issue 105), in autumn of 2016 the maintenance and updating of this online portal was ceased.
    Young couple above the city of Sana'a. Copyright: Maja Hild

    Love in Yemen

    Veiled women, arranged marriages and harems: people from the West might well think love is different in countries stamped by Islam. But is it really? A young man from Yemen reports back to his German friend. Noted down by Artur Beifuss.More ...
    Xoung People in Iran. Copyright: Kai Wiedenhöfer

    The Kiss and the Word - Oriental Love Scenes

    The Islamic world is generally regarded in the West as prudish and inhibited. Yet Islam is far from being opposed to carnal pleasures – at least within marriage. Young unmarried lovers also like to take advantage of these freedoms, even though this means having to fight for them. After all, what would love be if it were uncomplicated? by Kamila KlepackiMore ...

    Cairo: Conversations about Love

    View from Kairo Tower; Copyright: Markus KirchgessnerAn ethnographic collage
    By Steffen StrohmengerMore ...

    Bride with relatives; Copyright: Kai Wiedenhöfer

    Love Many – Never Marry!

    Marriage is in no greater crisis now than it was fifty, thirty, or even ten years ago. Large numbers of couples still courageously walk up the aisle, or into the registry office, despite the know-ledge that almost one in three marriages (one in two in big cities) ends in divorce.By Felicitas von LovenbergMore ...

    Meeting Each Other Halfways

    Young people in Cairo; Copyright: Markus KirchgessnerIntercultural partnerships and families are a miniature testing ground for the lessons society must learn in order to avoid a clash of hostile parallel societies in the future. By Stephanie GsellMore ...

    Adonis and Ninar Esber; Copyright: Ninar Esber

    Conversations with Adonis, my father

    A conversation between father and daughter: Adonis, one of the world's most famous contemporary Arab poets talks with Ninar about love, individuality, sex and religionMore ...