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    About Fikrun

    Fikrun wa Fann is a cultural magazine that encourages and makes a contribution towards shaping cultural exchange between Germany and Islam-orientated cultural groups. Authors from Germany, Europe and the Islamic world have their say alongside other international voices. In addition to information and dialogue with and within Islam-orientated countries, Fikrun wa Fann also offers a literary forum for current socio-political debates.
    Fikrun wa Fann (“Art and Thought”) is the cultural magazine of the Goethe Institut for dialogue with the Islamic world.

    The history of the magazine reflects half a century of German-Arabic and European-Islamic cultural and intellectual history. Founded in 1963 by Annemarie Schimmel und Albert Theile, Fikrun wa Fann is an important and universally recognised medium in cultural dialogue. Since 2001 the magazine has been run by Islamic studies expert Stefan Weidner and has since become the only publication of its kind to appear in Farsi.

    With high-ranking authors from Germany and the Islamic world, the magazine is a platform for information and exchange with and within Islam-orientated cultural groups.

    Fikrun wa Fann deals in depth with current cultural and socio-political issues and also serves as an open forum for controversial topics. With its debates that cross country borders, the magazine is a unique medium for the Islam-orientated world. Fikrun wa Fann is known for its literarily challenging articles and the unique aesthetic quality of its outstanding illustrations.

    Fikrun wa Fann is published twice annually in a print run of almost 20,000 copies in three languages: Arabic, English and Farsi. The magazine articles are also available in German on the website.