Adriana Benzaquen
Adriana Benzaquen
The Argentine activist Adriana Benzaquen is co-initiator of Minka – Banco de las Redes and tries to set up new kinds of collaborative projects across Latin America via the Internet.
Jon Garbizu
Jon Garbizu is part of the Madrid-based collective Todo por la Praxis, which is committed to the reclamation and shared use of public space.
Marika Laureyns © privatgre
Marika Laureyns
Marika Laureyns is a member of the initiative Torekes, which has established an alternative currency system in the Belgian city of Ghent.
Juha Leppaenen
Juha Leppaenen
Juha Leppänen is part of the Finnish collective Demos Helsinki, a think tank focusing on urban economy and digital disruption.
Lisa Ochsenbein
Lisa Ochsenbein
The product designer Lisa Ochsenbein, through her initiative Pumpipumpe, seeks to promote a more responsible and sustainable way to use consumer goods and to enhance neighborhood social interaction.
Olugbolahan Mark-George
Olugbolahan Mark-George is a financial services professional with over twenty years of experience in the fields of venture capital, international finance, insurance and investment management.
Marcis Rubenis © Janina Gutermann
Marcis Rubenis
Mārcis Rubenis is a Latvian entrepreneur and activist connected to the Free Riga initiative, which is committed to revitalizing vacant buildings for temporary creative, cultural, and social uses.
Hannes Schmidt © Oliver Teiml
The Weimar-based architect Hannes Schmidt is the inventor and designer of the pop-up restaurant “Die Lücke” (The Gap). Opening its doors in Weimar in the summer of 2014, the restaurant in 2015 was honored with an award by the Association of German Architects (BDA) and the Association of Polish Architects (SARP).
Trebor Scholz
The media theorist and activist Dr. Trebor Scholz teaches at the New School in New York City and is one of the masterminds of so-called Platform Cooperativism.
Nishant Shah
The Indian media theorist Nishant Shah is professor of communications studies and media culture at Leuphana University in Lüneburg and research director at the Centre for Internet & Society in Bangalore.
Frederic Sultan
Frédéric Sultan lives in Paris and is co-founder of Remix the commons, a collaborative multimedia project that aims to document and illustrate ideas around the commons movement.
Ada Wong
Ada Wong
The lawyer Ada Wong lives in Hong Kong and is director of Good Lab, a coworking space and forum for social innovation.