Being Faust - Enter Mephisto. (c) Goethe-Institut Korea/Yunsik Lim Being Faust – Enter Mephisto
It’s a unique game format: A group of players meets at a set place at a set time. Each player assumes the role of the young FAUST: Equipped with a smartphone and the desire to defy life, the player is tempted by the siren call of the digital world of MEPHISTO, where values and ideals are up for exchange. What price is the player willing to pay to be successful? “Being Faust – Enter Mephisto” is a physical game enriched with online and social media elements and based on a contemporary interpretation of Goethe’s “Faust.” It was developed by the Goethe-Institut Korea in cooperation with the Korean game developer NOLGONG. The game will premiere in Germany as part of the Kultursymposium.