Advertising Campaign "Metro Barcelona" – Foreign Languages Bring People Together (Spain)

Following the principle of "unity in diversity" it is a declared goal of the European Commission that the diversity of languages in Europe should be maintained and encouraged. The initiative of the Goethe-Institut in Barcelona, which is committed to promoting multilingualism in collaboration with the Institut Français, the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, the British Council and the Instituto Comões Portugal, is also geared to this principle.

The advertising campaigns of the five cultural institutions, which are increasingly evident in the city, are not aimed at marketing each institution's particular language, but at making the general public sensitive to the advantages of foreign language learning in general. Young people in particular are being targeted to make them aware of the wide range of courses available. The special feature of these campaigns is that they constitute a joint project by the cultural institutes of quite different countries.

Furthermore the promotion of linguistic diversity applies not only to the 23 official languages of the EU, but also to the numerous regional and minority languages. The advertising campaign being conducted by the cultural institutes is closely related to the educational context of the region of Catalonia, where multilingualism is a major concern.

Advertising campaign Metro Barcelona (4 pictures)
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