About the Goethe-Institut in Easy-to-read

What Does the Goethe-Institut do?

The Goethe-Institut works to:
  • teach German.
  • share culture.

Because language and culture are important.
Language and culture connect people.
Can people speak to each other?
And do people know the culture of other people?
Then people can understand each other better.
The Goethe-Institut has been around for over 70 years.
The Goethe-Institut is an association.
The association cooperates with the federal government of Germany.

Goethe-Instituts around the world


There are Goethe-Instituts all around the world.
In total, there are more than 160 Goethe-Institut locations.
On the subject of language they offer the following:

  • Language courses
  • German exams
  • Further education for German teachers

You can take courses directly at a Goethe-Institut.
You can also take courses on the Internet.
A lot of learning material on the Internet is free of charge.

On the topic of culture the Goethe-Instituts offer the following:

  • Cultural events for everyone.
  • Support for artists

There are libraries at the Goethe-Instituts, too. 
There, you can borrow books and films, for example.

The Goethe-Instituts also cooperate with other institutions.
For example, with:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Museums
  • Theaters



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The Institutes are working on improving that.

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