German-French Calendar: Photo Stories Competition (Denmark)

The project is a joint effort of the Institut Français and the Goethe-Institut. It started with a photo-stories competition in which secondary school students could take part. In this competition the aim was to create a photo story with 12 photos including speech bubbles and brief texts.

The best photo stories will be printed as a calendar for 2010. This calendar can be ordered by schools.

The intention is to print about 2000 calendars.

  • To promote multilingualism in Denmark
  • To promote the equal status of French and German as a 2nd foreign language
  • To improve the image of foreign languages
  • To enhance motivation, since the photo stories will stimulate ideas for a motivational activity in foreign language teaching which also incorporates use of computer programs (such as PowerPoint or OpenOffice Express)
Target group: Secondary school students

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