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Life Swap - Episode 3 online now

Life Swap is a series of short animated Skype conversations between two young men, Jörg, 27, from Münster, Germany and Duncan, 27, from Wellington, New Zealand. Facing their respective quarter life crises, Jörg and Duncan decided it was time for a change. Jörg and Duncan allow us to witness their delights, frustrations and misunderstandings as they discover the characteristics and idiosyncrasies of each other’s cultures. More ...

    Current Projects

    Make it in Germany   deutschenglish

    Portal for international experts offering comprehensive information on living and working in Germany.

    Mein Weg nach Deutschland   deutschenglish

    A website for learners of German with games, videos and useful information about life in Germany

    Weblog: Once upon a time   english

    To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Brothers Grimm’s book of fairy tales New Zealanders retell well known fairy tales.