The Brothers Grimm

Jacob Grimm born 4 Jan 1785 in Hanau
died 20 Sep 1863 in Berlin

Wilhelm Grimm born 24 Feb 1786 in Hanau
died 16 Dec 1859 in Berlin 

1802-1803 brothers study law in Marburg and start to collect fairy tales from the people of Hesse and surrounding regions including friends and relatives
1806 Jacob becomes secretary to the Hessian War Council in Kassel; Wilhelm passes jurisprudence examination in Marburg
1808 Jacob appointed royal librarian to Napoleon’s brother Jerome, King of Westphalia
1812 the Grimm Brothers publish their first volume of Children’s and Household Tales; this volume is made up of eighty-six stories and folktales
1814   Wilhelm appointed official librarian in Kassel
1816-1818   publication of German legends in two volumes
1829 brothers appointed respectively librarian (Wilhelm) and professor (Jacob) in Göttingen
1837-1841 the Grimm brothers join a formal protest against constitutional violation of Ernst August, king of Hannover. After being dismissed from their posts, they return to Kassel; begin work on the thirty-two volumes of "Deutsches Wörterbuch", a German Dictionary; accept appointments at Academy of Science in Berlin
1846-1847   Jacob chairs congress of Germanists in Frankfurt and Lübeck  
1848   Jacob becomes Member of Parliament in first German National Assembly in Frankfurt and abandons teaching

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