Photo (Detail): Luis-Salazar © Unsplash


Simply put, a “Fehler” is a mistake, but it’s also the response to one of life’s big questions: how do we innovate and make progress? Our answer: often by mistake. Misunderstandings, faulty processors, or dead flies can unexpectedly lead to something new. Celebrate with us and peruse our zine to immerse yourself in big and little mistakes alike.


Trail mix with scoop
Photo (detail): Marcos Paulo Prado © Unsplash

What’s in Your Trail Mix?

Error as inspiration
Photo (detail): © Colourbox

The Error Aesthetic

Dehli: warning of a penalty for littering
Photo (detail): © Sanyam Bajaj

Unintentional Impressions in Delhi

Rachel Maclean, Make Me Up, 2018 (digital video still).Commissioned by BBC, Creative Scotland, 14-18 Now, Hopscotch Films and NVA.
Photo: Courtesy of the artist © Rachel Maclean

AI Errors in Art