Heinrich Mann

  born 27 March 1871 in Lübeck
died 12 March 1950 in Santa Monica/California 
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1891 begins career as freelance writer
1893  moves to Munich with his mother and siblings
1895 - 1896 edits conservative monthly "The 20th Century"
1896 - 1898  travels Italy with Brother Thomas
1900 - 1910 publishes "In the Land of Cocaine", "Professor Unrest" and "The Little Town"
1914 marries actress Maria Kanova
1915 - 1922 protests against the enthusiastic response to the war. The different stance taken by the brothers to the war leads to a serious conflict; reconciliation in 1922
1928   breaks up with his wife and moves to Berlin  
1931   "Professor Unrat" is filmed as "The Blue Angel" by Josef von Sternberg starring Marlene Dietrich; elected president of the Literature Section of the Prussian Arts Academy 
1933   expelled from the Prussian Arts Academy by the Nazis: emigrates to France; loss of German citizenship  
1933 - 1940   lives in Nizza; writes the two-volume novel "King Henry Quatre"; anti-fascists activities; marries Nelly Kröger  
1940 flees to the USA together with Lion Feuchtwanger, Golo Mann and Franz Werfel; works as scriptwriter for Warner Bros in LA  
1944   Nelly Kröger commits suicide  
1945   publishes his memoir "An Age Revealed" 
1949 receives the National Award for Art and Literature of the GDR
1950   appointed first president of the Arts Academy (GDR)

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