Joseph von Eichendorff

born 10 March 1788 at Lubowitz Castle near Ratibor
died 26 November 1857 in Neisse
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1805 - 1810 studies law in Halle, Heidelberg and Vienna; meets von Arnim, Brentano and Kleist: travels extensively; publishes first collection of poems
1813 - 1815 fights in the wars of liberation against Napoleon’s occupation of Europe; marries Luise von Larisch; publishes his first novel "Ahnung und Gegenwart"
1816 - 1826 joins the Prussian civil service; holds positions in Breslau, Danzig and Königsberg: publishes "Life of a Good for Nothing"
1831 - 1843 moves with his family to Berlin, where he works for several ministries; publishes the novels "Dichter und ihre Gesellen", "Das Schloss Dürande" and "Collected Poems"
1844 - 1848 retires from civil service due to illness; meets Robert and Clara Schumann, Grillparzer and Stifter during a long stay in Vienna; returns to Berlin
1855 - 1857 joins his daughter in Neisse; death of his wife; friendship with the archbishop of Breslau, sojourns at the estate of Seldnitz

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