Zoran Drvenkar


born 1967 in Krizevci (Croatia)

© gezett

1970  moves to Berlin with his parents
since 1989 writing full time
1999  Oldenburg Children and Young Adult Literature Award for his debut novel "Niemand so stark wie wir"; Science Fiction Award of the Berliner Festspiele for the story "Alte Stadt"
2003 Wetzlar Fantasy Award for "Sag mir, was du siehst"; Hansjörg-Martin- Crime Award for "Cengiz & Locke"
2004 Theatre Award for "Traumpaar"
2005 Youth Literature Award for "Die Kurzhosengang" 
2006 screenplay for award winning film "Tough Enough" by Detlev Buck

Rattenfänger Literature Prize for "Zarah" 



  lives near Berlin

Last update June 2011
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