EUROPE LIST: On the search for a European culture

Results: 28.06.2013
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      Umberto Eco, Photo: Ulla Montan
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      In which language is saying “I love you” the most beautiful? Who is the most eminent European artist? In which of these counties would you like to spend more time than just an all-inclusive holiday: in Poland, Malta or in Germany?

      The EUROPE LIST. A list of the best of our cultural and living Europe.

      The EUROPE LIST gives answers to such questions as: What keeps us together? Which are our most eminent cultural achievements? We are particularly interested in the views of our neighbours from Casablanca to Beirut.

      More than 22,000 people interested in Europe took part and gave their vote in the search for a European culture. More ...

      Umberto Eco, Photo: Ulla Montan

      Umberto Eco comments on the results.

      “Freedom, Fortress, Love”? Which comments are the most remarkable and what do these mean for a self-assessment of a European culture? Umberto Eco and many other celebrities give their comments on the results of the EUROPE LIST. More ...

      Insider tips

      The 99 best European insider tips

      In the EUROPE LIST, the Goethe-Institut asked people in 30 countries in and around Europe for their best insider tips. Rummage through our treasure chest! More ...

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          From 30 June 2013:

          Results and Commentary

          Celebrities from the participating host countries will comment on the results. But not only well-known voices will be heard – the network community is also invited to comment on the results from 30 June 2013.

          From Autumn 2013:

          Creative workshop

          Talking is silver, achieving something together is gold: selected young people from the participating countries will transform the results of the survey artistically.