The results of the EUROPE LIST

    22,235 participants: Interest in the online opinion poll was much higher than anyone had anticipated – if you were one of them we would like to say thank you!

    It was possible to answer questions on the best film, the most attractive city or a European best-kept secret in the 24 languages of the 30 participating countries. Many answered the question “What does Europe mean to you personally?” with the classical “peace, variety and unity”. However, “national egotisms” or the combination “freedom, fortress, love” were also mentioned. Europe, after all, is “home”: “imperfect but right”.

    “Total results” will give you the Top Ten of all the questions. “Results by country” reveals the 10 most frequent answers from the participating countries. Is film maker Luchino Visconti more popular in France or in his native Italy? Does Fatih Akin have more fans in Spain than in Germany?

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