DA VINCI, DON QUIXOTE AND DEMOCRACY – What makes us feel truly European?

© Audringje (flickr)Institute: Goethe-Institut Rome
Location: Teatro Argentina Rome
Date: 12.11.2013, 6pm-7:30pm

© Audringje (flickr)

Acropolis or Eiffel Tower, the financial crisis or the Erasmus project? What common image holds Europe together? What comes to mind when we speak of its culture, its history, its people?

As part of the project Il Ratto d’Europa by Teatro di Roma, the foreign correspondents Paloma García Ovejero (Radio COPE, Spain), Jörg Bremer (FAZ, Germany) and Marek Lehnert (Polskie Radio, Poland) discussed the survey results, which – according to Umberto Eco – reveal that “Culture is far more Europe’s cement than the euro.”

The event was moderated by Tiziana Di Simone, director of the programme In Europe on Rai Radio 1.

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