Another idea of Europe?

© Goethe-InstitutInstitute: Goethe-Institut Genoa
Location: Palazzo Ducale, Genoa
Date: 14/11/2013, 9:45am-8pm
Participants: Conference: 80; Award ceremony: 270

© Goethe-Institut

The conference, which was held by the Goethe-Institut Genoa and the Centro Studi Medì, focused on the European identity from the perspective of the younger generation of immigrants. The topic is crucial to the future of Europe, and was addressed by professors and researchers from Italy, France and Germany at the conference.

By analysing the feeling of belonging among Europeans and younger immigrant generations, perspectives for a different idea of Europe were shared. The conference closed with the awarding of the Premio Mondi Migranti to Tzvetan Todorov, former director of the CNRS in Paris.