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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

1. Who can take part in the Europe List online survey? Is it a representative survey?
Anyone interested in Europe can take part in the online survey. It is not a scientific study, but an open, non-representative online survey for all, which highlights people’s ideas of European culture in 30 countries in and around Europe.

2. How is the survey being conducted?
The survey is conducted online on the websites of the Goethe-Institut. The survey form has been published in 24 languages – in German and the respective national language(s) – on the websites of approx. 50 Goethe-Instituts in 30 countries. During evaluation, duplicates (multiple entries by one and the same person) will be identified using the email addresses and disqualified.

3. How long can I take part?
The survey will run from 21 March until 19 May 2013.

4. Why was my country / my language not included in the survey?
The reason that a number of European countries and languages are missing – among them Austria, Switzerland, Romania and Cyprus, Irish, Maltese – is quite simple: the survey must be held in each participating country by the respective local Goethe-Institut. Not every Goethe-Institut in Europe was able to participate in our survey campaign. We are conducting the survey nonetheless – true to the motto “better an almost complete survey than none at all.” For countries with more than one official language, we use the languages that the Goethe-Institut uses to communicate in the host country.

The Germany List

What does Europe think about Germany? Answers from 18 countries.


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