© Photo: Eleonora Diana
© Photo: Eleonora Diana
Winning idea Open Call Berlin: Dream Circus by Daniele Catalli © Photo: Eleonora Diana

What do you swap? For what, why and, most of all, how?

Dream Circus
Daniele Catalli

In order to understand what I'd like to do in Berlin, I need to mention that I work with dreams, night-dreams specifically.
Dream Circus is the name of the touring project I've been working on since 2010, year when I started collecting and realizing people's dreams on paper. You tell me your dream, I draw it and somebody else will take it in exchange for their own dream.
I'm swapping dreams for drawings and drawings for other dreams.
I will bring dreams from other cities to Berlin and Berliner's dreams abroad.
The project has thus an exchange value that becomes the intrinsic value of the work itself: my dream is worth as much as another dream and vice versa. This causes a levelling of differences in age, gender and origin, which is the basis from which to learn the art of giving.
The project Dream Circus explores people's unconscious and puts it on stage, pulling out visitors’ innermost feelings.