Everybody is talking about the crisis, but how is it actually manifested?
Have cities changed? And how could we overcome the crisis?

Diagnoses were exchanged between Lisbon, Madrid, Berlin, Turin and Toulouse at the We-Traders forums. Here are a few samples from autumn 2013.

You can find more interviews at the exhibition.
    Video: Piccolo Cinema © Goethe-Institut

    Marco Revelli

    “People continue to see this crisis as a kind of interlude, and that afterwards everything will carry on as before. It isn't an interlude but a metamorphosis that will transform the world.”   More ...
    Video: Jean-Vincent Fournis © Goethe-Institut

    Paul Blanquart

    “There was the city as constructed by the state, as constructed by industry, and as it is now, constructed by finance. If the city is to be an alternative, it is the city as a city. I mean, the city where   More ...
    Gema Segura © Goethe-Institut

    Santiago Eraso Beloki

    “There are cities with a brand, and cities with publicity, there are cities that insist on attracting only financial capital. Yet here (at the We-Traders Fora), it's stimulating to find yourself amongst all this energy   More ...
    Video: Julia Albani & Nuno Cera © Goethe-Institut

    Jorge da Silva Macaísta Malheiros

    “Participation is essential, but it has to be serious. Being serious means ensuring that those involved are heard, that actors are respected in their transformation   More ...
    Gema Segura © Goethe-Institut

    Sonja Beeck

    „A crisis is a saddle point in time. It's the exact point at which it is decided whether a situation gets better again or ultimately slides down towards an even worse situation.“  More ...