© AERA Habitat Team
AERA Habitat Team

AERA Habitat Team | AERA Habitat

Stéphane Gruet (architect, philosopher), Pierre Etienne Faure, Hélène Morel, Cécile Bricault (architects), Patricia Grand (sociologist) More...

© Giulietta Alfieri
Giulietta Alfieri

Giulietta Alfieri | Casa del Quartiere

The lawyer and head of the legal department of a public authority has been president of the Agenzia per lo sviluppo locale San Salvario More...


Allmende-Kontor Team | Allmende Kontor

In addition to the 13 founding members of the initiative, by now about 700 to 1,000 gardeners and people from its cooperation projects More...

© Roberto Arnaudo
Roberto Arnaudo

Roberto Arnaudo | Casa del Quartiere

As director and coordinator of the Casa del Quartiere, he plans activities and initiatives for local social, economic More...

© Rui Pinheiro

Artéria | Agulha num palheiro

Founded in 2011 in Lisbon, Artéria is an independent architecture studio that designs, develops and disseminates urban rehabilitation projects More...

Atelier Urban Nomads

Atelier Urban Nomads | A Linha

Luisa Alpalhão is an architect and artist. She is based in Lisbon and London and founder of the collective architecture, art and design studio More...

© Stefano Borghi
Aurelio Balestra

Aurelio Balestra | Toolbox

With a background in economic studies and managerial experience in retail, he has been project manager of the redesign of the More...

© Elizaveta Barsegova
Elizaveta Barsegova

Elizaveta Barsegova | ODC

Born in St. Petersburg, Elizaveta Barsegova graduated from the Public Relations department of St. Petersburg University. Studied More...

© Enrico Bassi
Enrico Bassi

Enrico Bassi | FabLab Torino

Enrico Bassi was the coordinator of Fablab Italia, the first Italian FabLab, and currently works at FabLab Torino for Officine Arduino. He teaches More...

© Stefano Borghi
Sara Bigazzi

Sara Bigazzi | Toolbox

vAs a freelancer and coworking pioneer in Toolbox Coworking, she enriches the project with her strategic communications experience gained More...

© Bois & Cie
Bois & Cie Team

Bois & Cie Team | Bois & Cie

A carpenter and a teacher, Sébastien and François are co-operators of the Bois & Cie (Wood & Co.) association. Very committed to social More...

© Campo de Cebada
Campo de Cebada

Campo de Cebada Team | Campo de Cebada

Campo de Cebada (Barley Field) is a special place in the centre of Madrid, located in the Plaza de La Latina. The urban void resulting More...

© CCAB Team

CCAB Team | Carrefour Culturel Arnaud Bernard

Claude Sicre is the president and – along with founding members Francis Blot and Christine Jeansous – organizer of Carrefour More...

We-Traders, wetraders, We-Trades, Paula Bouffioux
Commons Josaphat

Commons Josaphat

Commons Josaphat is an autonomous platform free of any political affiliation which brings together residents, citizens More...

© Yukai Ebisuno und Raffaella Mantegazza
Ebisuno / Mantegazza

Y. Ebisuno und R. Mantegazza | Il piccolo cinema

Since 2007 they have devoted their collaboration to artistic research projects that use film and photography as a primary More...

© Lucía Herrero

Elii | Elii/GCFP

The Elii architectural office was founded in 2006 by Uriel Fogué, Eva Gil and Carlos Palacios. It designs and executes a variety More...

Tobias Finauer

Tobias Finauer | Rütli Wear

From 1996-1999 Tobias Finauer trained as a metalworker at the company Bergmeister. He completed his subsequent product design More...

© Adriana Freire
Adriana Freire

Adriana Freire | Cozinha Popular

Adriana Freire, the initiator and mentor of Cozinha Popular da Mouraria, is actually a journalist and photographer, but More...

© Alain et Véronique Gatti
A. & V. Gatti

Alain et Véronique Gatti | Le potager de Camille

Alain and Véronique Gatti are vegetable growers in Saint Jory with two to three employees and approx. 1,000 consumers in the Toulouse area. More...

© María Carmona


Gabinete de Crisis de Ficciones Políticas (GCFP/Crisis Cabinet of Political Fictions) is a working group structured around a “Crisis Cabinet” More...

© Officine Arduino
Davide Gomba

Davide Gomba | FabLab Torino

Davide Gomba, who has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and is an ardent video producer, founded Officine Arduino a start-up “incubated” More...

Tom Hansing

Tom Hansing | Rütli Wear

After growing up in the Bavarian countryside, I have lived in Berlin for over 10 years, studied sociology and communication sciences More...

© Frauke Hehl
Frauke Hehl

Frauke Hehl | Allmende Kontor

Born in 1968 in Hamburg, she studied architecture with a focus on social urban development in Milan. She is co-founder More...

B. Jennerwein-Hansing

Barbara Jennerwein-Hansing | Rütli Wear

The freelance copywriter and PR consultant has been a Berliner by choice for ten years. She managed More...

© Rose Epple
Joël Lecussan

Joël Lecussan | Mix'Art Myrys

Joël Lecussan, the coordinator of MIX'ART Myrys was formerly an assistant director. When he came to Toulouse to produce More...

© Manuela Marchisio
Manuela Marchisio

Manuela Marchisio | Buena Vista

rt and creativity have always been her passions. After attending the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), she worked with numerous More...

© Roberta Di Mattia
Roberta Di Mattia

Roberta Di Mattia | Il piccolo cinema

After graduating from the DAMS University of Turin with a thesis on comedy and parody in the Italian TV series Boris More...

Giulio Milanese

Giulio Milanese | Toolbox

The former textile entrepreneur, who has administered the family assets since 2008, is the owner of the former industrial buildings More...

© Rose Epple

Möckernkiez Genossenschaft | Möckernkiez

The Möckernkiez Genossenschaft is a cooperative of Berlin citizens who have united to plan the construction of a modern, barrier-free More...

© O Espelho
O Espelho Team

O Espelho Team | O Espelho

Founded in 2012 in Lisbon, the wall newspaper O Espelho assembles architects, journalists, actors, photographers and writers More...

© lagrotta
Stefano Olivari

Stefano Olivari | Miraorti

The landscape architect graduated from the École du Paysage in Versailles with a thesis on the area of Mirafiori Sud on the Sangone. More...

© Matteo Robiglio
Matteo Robiglio

Matteo Robiglio | Buena Vista

The architect and urban planner is a founding partner of Avventura Urbana, a company for participative urban planning with which More...

© Davide Romanelli
Davide Romanelli

Davide Romanelli | Buena Vista

He worked in art, music and creativity as a freelancer, was involved in the anti-Mafia organization Libera and played his part More...

© Anna Rowinski
Anna Rowinski

Anna Rowinski | Casa del Quartiere

The architect specializes in urban regeneration projects and local development with expertise in the design, development More...


Rütli-SchülerInnen | Rütli Wear

After an incendiary letter by the faculty in 2006, the children and young people who attend the Rütli school in their neighbourhood were branded More...

Thomas Schmid

Thomas Schmid | Rütli Wear

Thomas Schmid studied sociology in Munich and Berlin. As part of his thesis, he, Tom Hansing and Matthias Tenten founded the project and label More...

Anne Schöbel

Anne Schöbel | Rütli Wear

Anne Schöbel is a social worker who has been with RÜTLI-WEAR since 2011. Since 2009 she has been More...

© Gianluca und Massimiliano De Serio
G. & M. De Serio

G. und M. De Serio | Il piccolo cinema

The artists and filmmakers have worked together since 1999 making short films and documentaries, that have been shown at many international More...

© Lukasz Michalak

[SIC] | [VIC]

[VIC] is an open platform for innovation-driven citizen study, initiated by the [SIC] office of architects Esau Acosta, Mauro Gil-Fournier More...

© Michele d'Ottavio
Marco Tabbia

Marco Tabbia | Buena Vista

As an entrepreneur and general manager in the non-profit sector, he is responsible for planning and strategic management of organizations More...

© Teamlabs
Teamlabs Team

Teamlabs Team | Teamlabs

TEAMLABS is a cooperative dedicated to designing and implementing integrated business ecosystems including educational projects such as the More...

Matthias Tenten

Matthias Tenten | Rütli Wear

Matthias Tenten was born and raised far in the west of Germany, where he had a comfortable, sheltered childhood and youth, below average More...

© Sebastiano Pellion
Caterina Tiazzoldi

Caterina Tiazzoldi | Toolbox

The architect and professor at Columbia University and the Turin Polytechnic works in the architectural and spatial transformation More...

© Isabelle Toussaint
Isabelle Toussaint

Manuela Marchisio | Buena Vista

From 1997 to 2011 the architect and expert in architectural and cultural heritage was a partner of Avventura Urbana, a limited company More...

TXP Team

TXP Team | TXP

Todo por la Praxis sees itself as a laboratory for cultural resistance in the form of aesthetic projects. It develops tools with the aim to give users direct influence More...

© Isabella De Vecchi
Isabella De Vecchi

Isabella De Vecchi | Miraorti

The agronomist specializes in assisting urban social transformations, mediating environmental conflicts and participatory planning of urban More...

© workstation ideenwerkstatt berlin e.v.
workstation ideenwerkstatt

workstation ideenwerkstatt | Allmende Kontor

workstation ideenwerkstatt berlin (workstation ideas workshop) was conceived by artist group Wiener WochenKlausur and launched More...

© Davide Ziveri
Davide Ziveri

Davide Ziveri | Buena Vista

“The history of spaces is a history of power” (Foucault): “I have come to realize the truth of this over years spent in the outskirts of Santiago, Chile More...