“Ketje” is a Brussels word for a child or boy, and more specifically a street kid. Every town has its street kids, but nowhere else are they so popular. Only in Brussels has a child – who pees in the street – acquired the status of a mascot. The ketje represents the charm of Brussels. For a child you can still hope for the best, that he will be able to turn over a new leaf and in the best case scenario ... leave Brussels and move to the surrounding leafy   More...
    We-Traders, Wetrades, wetraders, © Poetry Collective

    Brussels Poetry Collective

    Poetry from and about Brussels, various methods of working such as duo-writing, cadavre exquis of translations, co-composing and sampling. Crisis: Poor representation   More ...
    We-Traders, Wetrades, wetraders,CanalPark BXL

    CanalPark BXL

    Creating lively, playful, and green public space, social and cultural exchange, sharing and giving, participatory planning, lobbying to build a big communal park. Crisis: Urban wasteland   More ...
    We-Traders, Wetrades, wetraders, © Paula Bouffioux

    Commons Josaphat

    Sustainable city development, active citizenship, community building, sharing economy, contemporary forms of commons. Crisis: Ecological and political crisis, lack of transparency   More ...
    We-Traders, Wetrades, wetraders, CLTB

    Community Land Trust Bxl

    Accessible housing, commons, sustainable city development, community building, active citizenship. Crisis: Housing crisis, doubling of housing prices between 2000 and 2010   More ...
    We-Traders, Wetrades, wetraders, w-o-l-k-e


    Artistic exchange, socio-economic experiment, new ways of sharing and collaborating. Crisis: Predominance of conformity in our society. We: Artists, craftsmen, teachers, art historians   More ...