Tallinn, European Capital of Culture 2011

A selection of works from the exhibition “Gateways” will be shown in the House of Electronic Arts (Haus für elektronische Künste) in Basel, Switzerland, from 1 June through August 2012.

Award for a Gateways Artist:
Timo Toots has been distinguished with the prestigious Golden Nica Award for interactive art for his project “Memopol-2.”

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Digital snail mail
“Real Snail Mail” is the first e-mail service that uses live snails as transmitters of e-mail messages.
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Die elektromagnetische Stadt
Christina Kubisch lets us experience electromagnetic Tallinn.
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The networked globe
A globe usually presents a map of countries, continents and seas in the round. But there’s something different about the globes you’ll find in the Gateways exhibit.
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    boredomresearch | photo: Kaupo Kikkas


    Find out more about the “Gateways” artists and their works that they created for the media art exhibition. More ...
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        How is the paradigm shift being brought about by digital media manifesting itself in art? Artists and curators discuss. More ...