Networked Knowledge

Digital Firesides

Online Communities and Digital Firesides

Humans are social beings. We are programmed to survive in groups and to exchange genes and knowledge, biological and intellectual information. We gather around firesides not only to keep us warm.More ...
“Migrating Art Academies”

Networking knowledge by Couchsurfing principles

Living in a globalized society surely implies effects on the world's economic order which is getting more and more internationalized through communication, transportation, and trade.More ...

Looking at an online community

While talking about online communities you have the same conflict like when you are talking about communities in general. You cannot summarize such diverse groups under one umbrella.More ...

Essays about Net Culture

Miklós Peternák: The Illusion of Initiative. On the last 20 Years of Media Art in Eastern and Central Europe

Karin Ohlenschläger: Net Culture Today : The Development of Net Culture from the Perspective of Natural Science and Art

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