Networked Culture

Tuula Kleiman reads out the live feed. Photo: Susanne Kudielka

I tried to write a letter but I couldn't

If I rearranged this post chronologically in the order that I wrote things, it wouldn’t make any sense (though maybe one day it will). Whenever my page of scribbled notes and connections is full, I rewrite and rearrange the list, or reach for the computer.More ...
Communication at the speed of snails

Creative collaboration online has many faces

Basic elements like communication, mobility and individuality are playing major roles in our today’s society.More ...
Eric Whitacre introducing the idea of the virtual choir

Creative collaboration online has many faces

The American composer Eric Whitacre brought together a virtual choir of singers from around the world, with over 2000 participants from 58 countries performing his composition “sleep”.More ...
“The Orion’s Arm Universe Project”

The Orions Arm Universe Project

Orion’s Arm is a collaborative fictional universe, created on-line by multiple authors. It consists of a very complex and large scale science fiction scenario measured in both physical space and in time.More ...
Copyright: Orion's Arm

Orion’s Arm: Interview with Stephen Inniss and Todd Drashner

A conversation with Stephen Inniss and Todd Drashner, board members of the Orion’s Arm Universe Project.More ...

Only in the absence of dialogue (/x) can dialogue (/x) take place (or at least be formed)

Anna Trapenciere writes in her post “Living in a networked environment”, “I actually do wish I could have sent this e-mail straight from my thoughts, not using a piece of artefact in my hand”.More ...

Marc Lee’s comment on “Art and Networked Culture”

In his works Marc Lee ironically deals with our understanding of masscommunication, media and entertainment. He often uses and republishes software tools that search and analyze the worldwide web. By collecting, sampling and exaggerating existing information he unmasks for example the entertaining character of permanently reconditioned news or our desire for being up-to-date.More ...

Peter Mörtenböck about Placemaking Dialogues

How can we think of ways to engage in dialogical situations in the urban realm today, to extend – in Deleuzian terms – the co-existence of polyphonic, multi-vocal compounds? In Mikhail Bakhtin’s concept of ‘dialogism’ words constitute subjectivity by generating a social space that is fundamentally interpersonal and thus facilitates a constant appropriation and transformation of the voice of the other.More ...

Essays about Net Culture

Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, President of the Goethe-Institut: Preface

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© Sergey Tarakanov /
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    Anu Liivak, Director of the Kumu Art Museum: Preface

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      Inke Arns: Translocal Alliances of the 1990’s

      Sirje Helme: In the Fast Lane: On Estonian Digital Culture of the 1990’s

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      Sabine Himmelsbach: gateways_Kunst und vernetzte Kultur

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