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This is a British-German forum on current issues relevant to both the UK and Germany. We are calling these internet-based British-German dialogues “Doppelgänger”, or “doubles” – two personalities from the same profession come together to discuss the impact of their profession in the European context. Forget the Euro, forget conventional Euro-politics…in this sixth ‘double‘, The Fourth Estate, we look at journalism in the UK and Germany...at press regulation and press freedom; and how each country reports Europe and the world...with Annette Dittert (ARD Correspondent, London) and Kate Connolly (Guardian Correspondent, Berlin).
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    Weblog: Online Book Club   english

    Read, discover, discuss – the Online Book Club is for anyone interested in literature and regularly presents a new book for you to read and discuss.

    1914–18   deutschenglish

    Offering a wide variety of views and perspectives, the Goethe-Institut reflects on the consequences and implications of the First World War era

    Meet the Germans   deutschenglishnederlandsdansksuomeksinorsk

    What is typical about them? Read portraits and interviews of people worth knowing and Rory MacLean’s blog from Berlin.




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