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Our hosts Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson and Dina Elsayed chat to international Kafka experts from every corner of the world and hear the Kafka stories they are keen to share with us.

Visual: Tobias Schrank Podcast Zeitgeister on Air

Psycho test Which Kafka character are you?

If you were a character from one of Kafka’s novels, which one would you be? Maybe her – the beguiling Fräulein Bürstner? Answer a few questions to find out in our psycho test.

Illustration by Beatrice Davies  Drawing of Kafka's novel character: Fräulein Bürstner

René Pollesch obituary

What else is on offer?

Marius Goldhorn And all the prophets?

I am or I am not a nurse, a sailor, a schoolgirl − Marius Goldhorn’s story is about a voice on all frequencies and a little boy with a fondness for currant buns.

Illustration: Tanita Olbrich And all the prophets?

Enis Maci Three radio stations

Enis Maci tells the story of three radio stations at three different points in time at three different locations. Radio memories from the Vatican, the Ruhr region and the Dollart.

© Jay Heike / Unsplash How much is the fish? – Three Radio Stations

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