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What impact do space, time and location have on identity development? Which cultural, philosophical, geographical, or social attachments determine our way of life? And how do we deal with differences and contradictions?

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Let’s talk Democracy!

Let’s talk Democracy! Journalist and writer Hasnain Kazim and protest researcher Simon Teune will be discussing protest culture past and present in Germany and its importance as a tool of democracy.

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Linguistic Identity Aymara in the Internet Age

Ruben Hilari Quispe hopes to firmly anchor the Aymara language and culture on the Internet. The Aymara live in the Qullasuyu region of Bolivia. Ruben introduces them to us here.

Ruben Hilari Quispe
Photo: Jaqi Aru
The Jaqi Aru Team in Tiwanaku in western Bolivia
The Jaqi Aru Team in Tiwanaku in western Bolivia


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