Georgette Dee

Audio Feature: Georgette's Chanson

Georgette Dee
Georgette Dee
The newspaper Die Zeit called Georgette Dee “Germany’s greatest living chanson singer”. Her art is full of life, love and poetry and distinctly original. By being herself, or himself - as Georgette Dee is a stage persona - she has carved her own way. At her side is the English pianist and composer Terry Truck, who writes songs with her and accompanies her on the piano. 30 years later, she still captivates audiences. This feature traces her varied work that took her to London, Vienna, Paris and to the former GDR.

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Georgette DeeCredits:

Photos: Arnold Morascher (above), Daniel von Johnson (left)




The feature was presented by Martin Reichert

Extracts from Gib mir Liebeslied were read by Rainer Reiners

The feature was produced by Sabine Schereck

With thanks to: Georgette Dee, Terry Truck, Corny Littmann, Eike Koch, Sybille Kammerhoff, Nadine Helm and Christian Brenn

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