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Learn German with the Goethe-Institut Irland. We offer:

Liebe Heimat: A letter from Dublin

Blauer Himmel über Dublin

Blue Skies Over Dublin

Last week, spring did come to Dublin. Springtime in Dublin is splendid. It makes you forgive the city for everything. The trees blossom. The sunshine beams. The people go mad. More ...

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Harun Farocki


Remembering Harun Farocki

Gardening together:

Community Gardens in Berlin and Dublin

Current Projects

Germany@Home   deutsch deutsch

Gemany@Home is a series of literary evenings featuring German (and sometimes Irish) writers that will take place in the comfort of a real home.


German Traces in Ireland   deutsch deutsch

There are many places to be found in Ireland with connections to German people and stories. Discover them in „German traces in Ireland“.

Deutschmobil   deutsch deutsch

The touring bus Deutschmobil is a very special car, equipped with carefully chosen teaching and advertising materials for its tour through Ireland.

German Connects:)   deutsch deutsch

Why, actually, should Irish people learn German? German Connects:) , an initiative by the German Embassy and the Goethe-Institut Irland, has the answers! More...

Meet the Germans   deutsch deutsch deutsch deutsch deutsch deutsch

What is typical about them? Read portraits and interviews of people worth knowing and Rory MacLean’s blog from Berlin.

Cultures in Translation   deutsch deutsch deutsch deutsch deutsch deutsch deutsch deutsch deutsch

Portal for translated German literature, providing an overview of publications and news from the German publishing world.


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Umdenken - von der Natur lernen

Games, filmclips and hands-on activities about the importance of the four elements water, fire, earth and air.

Spotify: German Pop

Listen to German language pop music on Goethe-Institut Irland’s ‘Spotify’ account.


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