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Greening with Goethe © colourbox.comGreening with Goethe © colourbox.com Environmental problems are probably the biggest hazards to life and health. The tempo of economic growth is unfortunately directly related to the rapid degradation of the environment and increase in all types of pollution.

Germany is known for its leading role in environment protection. It is the powerful engine that drives the development of demanding environmental and social standards. The educational institutions of Germany have made significant progress, especially in the use of science and research to innovate for an environmentally sound development

The Goethe-Institute is widely known for its excellent cooperation with schools. It seems only natural to combine both and to generate new synergies with it - to sensitize the younger generations towards climate and environmental issues in cooperation with the partner schools.

Children and teenagers are interested in environmental protection when they can learn about it by trying out the research themselves: They must experience and comprehend that this topic influences their present and future. This is the starting point of the project Greening with Goethe. The project consists of the following phases:

  1. Prephase: Schools identifiy an area in their city for which they would like to take over the sponsorship and on which they would like to conduct their research. They will submit a project description to GI Bangalore. Environmental scientists from different universities will work the ideas over, comment on them and guide the students into the
  2. Research Phase: PASCH-Students start the research on their chosen areas and measure the pollution. The project will take place in every city participating.
  3. Report Phase: The students produce a report on their sponsored area.
  4. Conference: Invitation of all participating students in Germany, India, Czech Republic and Sri Lanka to an Environmental Youth Conference. The students get the opportunity to discuss the most urgent questions on sustainability and environmental protection and to formulate a catalogue of measurements for their research areas. An international group of leading scientists from Germany and India will attend the conference to support the students.
  5. Sufficiency Phase: One year later (towards the end of the Germany Year in India) a follow-up: what has changed in the research areas?

The motto is: “Catch them young for sustainability”.

Participating schools are mainly members of the initiative "Schulen: Partner der Zukunft". In September 2012, Greening with Goethe has been awarded by the UNESCO as a project of the United Nations Decade “Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014)”.

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    This initiative by the German Federal Foreign Office wants to arouse interest and enthusiasm for contemporary Germany among youths all over the world.


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