Teaching German

The Goethe-Institut Nairobi aims to encourage and support the teaching of German in secondary schools, at universities, and at institutes of adult education in Kenya and Uganda. We cooperate closely with other partners in our host countries.

We support the teaching of German by supplying information on new teaching methods, providing easy access to material about Germany and its society as well as promoting German as the foreign language in the educational system in Kenya and Uganda.

We also arrange in-service training courses on teaching methods and German background studies both in Kenya/Uganda and in Germany.

Internationally recognized German as a foreign language standards, language courses, exams, qualifications and links:

    Internationale Deutschlehrertagung an der Universität Leipzig, Copyright: picture alliance / ZB

    GFL - German as a Foreign Language   deutschenglish

    What’s the best way for me to learn German? And how should I teach it? What innovative methods and training options are available? And: what is the difference between “German” as a school subject and “German as a foreign language”?

    Teaching German   deutschenglish

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