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DanceZone: Annual Namibian Dance Day Celebration

Equipped Entertainment and the Goethe-Centre presents the Annual Namibian Dance Day.More ...

Our new Film Program 2014

We would like to introduce our current film program from July to December 2014. Hopefully we can interest you in some of them.

The film program can be downloaded here:
Download SymbolFilm Programme July - December 2014

You can get the flyer at the Goethe-Centre Windhoek.

    Languages courses

    In 2014 the Goethe-Centre / NaDS offers Afrikaans- and Oshiwambo courses, besides the regular German- and English courses. The fees for the German-, Afrikaans- and Oshiwambo courses are N$ 1300, the English courses are N$ 1600.More ...

    Writing about Africa   deutschenglishfrançaisportuguês

    Welcome to a voyage of discovery of new German literature representing images of diverse Africa


    Music & Dance
    Goethe Centre/NaDS, Windhoek, 1-5 Fidel Castro Street
    Feature Film
    Goethe Centre/NaDS, Windhoek
    Goethe Centre/NaDS, Windhoek
    Feature Film
    Goethe Centre/NaDS, Windhoek