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SprachflaggeWelcome to the Amazon Project web pages for teachers.

The CAMPUS section is a trove of educational material for children, teenagers and adults that

  • gives access to the world of the Yanomami and indigenous culture
  • explores views of social coexistence that can’t be gleaned from day-to-day life in the Western world
  • explains the vital issues of the rain forest and climate change in simple, but not oversimplified, terms and raises questions to be pursued
  • tells the history of and stories from the Amazon
  • presents a look behind the scenes at the making of the multimedia music theatre piece Amazonas.
Information about putting the message across and about the use of material


Download SymbolThe rainforest in the Amazon region (PDF, 6MB Deutsche Flagge)
Download SymbolAmazon and Amazon Basin (PDF, 2MB Deutsche Flagge)
Download SymbolClimate and climate change (PDF, 50KB Deutsche Flagge)
Download SymbolExperiments about the topic soil (PDF, 1MB Deutsche Flagge)
Download SymbolExcursus soil (PDF, 1MB Deutsche Flagge)
Download SymbolExperiments and excursus about the topic water (PDF, 100KB Deutsche Flagge)
Download SymbolExperiments about the topics air and solar energy (PDF, 1MB Deutsche Flagge)
Download SymbolRecipe manioc (PDF, 1MB Deutsche Flagge)
Download SymbolAnd the caiman laughed (PDF, 2MB Deutsche Flagge)

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