15 to 31 March 2010

Rehearsals at the ZKM Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe, 15 to 31 March 2010

© ZKM, Felix Gross

Will a solution be found at the end? Economists, politicians, scientists and shamans debate the Amazon question – on an interactive stage developed at the ZKM.

The stage for the Amazon Music Theatre has been developed at the ZKM Institute for Visual Media in Karlsruhe. It comprises on the one hand a flight of stairs which serves as a projection surface and on which the singers stand, and on the other hand an interactive conference table around which the opera’s protagonists sit. This is where, according to Peter Weibel, who together with Ludger Brümmer devised the third act of the opera, the classic opera debate takes place (you love me, you don’t love me). The only difference is that in this case it is not a couple in love who are taking part in the debate, but economists, politicians, scientists and shamans. The economists, for instance, will say “We must grow soya beans, and we must cut down trees”. The shamans, in contrast, will point out that anyone who fells the trees of the rainforest will also be killing the ghosts of their tribe. Will a solution be found at the end?

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Peter Weibel and Ludger Brümmer: “Amazonas – Music theatre in three parts”