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Alexander Knappe – Weil ich wieder zu Hause bin

Photo: Alexander Knappe

“Ich halte die Zeit an und atme sie ein. Hier will ich bleiben, hier will ich sein“ (“I stop time and breathe it in. This is where I want to stay, this is where I want to be“). Alexander Knappe has arrived. His courage to pursue his dreams and his willingness to learn from his mistakes have helped him overcome many obstacles and brought him to where he is right now – a place where Alexander can be true to himself while at the same time making the music he loves.

It’s been a long journey. Born in Cottbus in East Germany in 1985, Alexander Knappe first fell in love with sports, not music. Being a soccer prodigy, he was discovered by scouts from Hertha BSC, Berlin’s top team, when he was thirteen and subsequently moved to the German capital to attend a sports academy. At the age of eighteen, a serious injury ended his career and his dreams of becoming a soccer star were shattered. Alexander had to re-orientate himself.

He always liked to sing and used to entertain his classmates by covering songs by Usher and Xavier Naidoo. So, Alexander moved back to Cottbus, took part in a local radio station casting call – and won. "I’ve always been different from other people, often had to battle my way through life. Sports gave me the character not to give up. And music gave me the opportunity to finally be myself, to express myself and thus create a connection to other people”, he recalls.

His first music projects followed, recordings were made and concerts held. Alexander even took part in the TV casting show “X-Factor” before he released his debut “Zweimal bis unendlich” (“Twice to Infinite”) in 2012. This album full of intoxicating joy reveals a songwriter who has something to say.

"I have changed as a person and as a musician. Today, I no longer just want to be a musician, now I can be a musician. I want to stand on stage and show who I am, because I know now who I am", says Alexander. Thus, “Weil ich wieder zu Hause bin” (“Because I am Back Home Again”) can be understood literally: Alexander Knappe has come home to himself and arrived exactly where he wants to be.

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