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Laing - Morgens immer müde

Photo: 2012 Universal Music GmbH

„Ich bin morgens immer müde, aber abends werde ich wach.“ (I’m always so tired in the morning, but at night I wake up.) Here’s a wild guess. Everyone reading this statement knows exactly what Laing are talking about: the ever-present dilemma of not wanting to go to sleep at night combined with the dread of having to get up in the morning. Partying at night is a whole lot more fun than working during the day but a serious lack of sleep does not necessarily help you make it through the day. This sentiment was already expressed by the German singer Trude Herr in 1960 when she released “Morgens immer müde” as a paean to the wild nightlife.

Nicola Rost, the lead singer of the band Laing, found Trude Herr’s song on the internet and felt an immediate connection with the singer and the lightness of being the song conveys. She decided to adapt it to the 21st century. The catchy song is easygoing, carefree and a little bit sassy and the voices of the Laing girls made this golden oldie a trendy party hit that has played on every German radio station since its release in 2012. It even came in second at the Bundesvision Song Contest.

Laing are three young singers and a dancer from Berlin who have been friends for a long time and started making music together in 2007. Nicola Rost is the lead singer, songwriter and producer of the band and at her side are Atina Tabiei Razligh and Johanna Marshall with their powerful voices as well as the choreographer and dancer Marisa Akeny. The band named itself after the maiden name of Nicola’s mum who comes from a “big family with many crazy ideas.”

Their style is electro-soul-pop or, as Laing like to call it, “electric ladysound”, a sound somewhere located between Kraftwerk and the Supremes. The six songs of their debut EP "030/577 07 886" published in 2011 feature minimalistic electronic beats, three wonderful female voices and intelligent German lyrics. Their uniform stage outfits, peculiar props and charming choreographies make every live show a unique experience – and staying up late for one of their performances is definitely worth all the fatigue you may have to combat the morning after.
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