The Cave © Dimo Popov
The Cave © Dimo Popov

The Cave

Directed by Ahmed Ghoneimy
Language: Arabic
Subtitles: English

In a changing world, fitting in is the hardest thing to do.

Ghoneimy’s slice-of-life film follows angry young musician Adham through the contrasting landscapes of an ever-evolving Cairo. For Adham, working class with limited opportunities, the city is an arena where the strong survive and the weak fall by the wayside. When he reaches out to an old friend, he finds he has moved on - and up - and the foundation of their relationship is not what it once was. A sharp, poignant comment on the rapidly transforming social environment that is contemporary Egypt.

Ahmed Ghoneimy ©

Written and directed by Ahmed Ghoneimy

Ghoneimy, who studied filmmaking at the Jesuit Culture Center in Alexandria, is an Alexandrian native, where he majored in Expressive Arts. He is now living between Prague, where he studies philosophy, and Cairo where he works. Stints as a cameraman and assistant director were followed by his own critically-acclaimed work - his second short fiction film, Bahari, which won the Hamburg short film award at the Hamburg Short Film Festival, and had its European premiere at the Rotterdam International Film Festival.

Tamer El Said ©

Produced by Tamer El Said

Tamer El Said is an Egyptian filmmaker who has made many documentaries and short films that received several international and local awards. In 2007, Tamer El Said founded Zero Production to produce independent films. He is currently completing his first feature length film, In the Last Days of the City, due for release in winter 2014.

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