The Other Woman © Erick Christian Ahounou
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The Other Woman (L’autre Femme)

Directed by Marie KA
Language: French
Subtitles: English

A housewife in her fifties discovers her true self when she has to accept her husband’s second wife into her home.

From Senegal comes a brave film set in the secret world of multiple spouse households. KA’s film homes in on the story of Madeleine and her husband’s new, young second wife, who develop a relationship far beyond conventional norms. The intimacy has the potential to blow apart a stable domestic situation, but it also has the potential to rewrite the story of both women’s lives. A bold and exquisitely tender film, beautifully acted and sensitively filmed against the backdrop of colourful, beguiling Dakar.

Marie KA © Diarietou KA

Written, directed and produced by Marie KA

Senegalese-Martinican filmmaker and screenwriter Marie KA is the driving force behind Dakar-based production company Picture Box, makers of educational and fictional films for the regional West African market. KA studied film at the Sorbonne and at Loyola Marymount University in California before returning home to concentrate on African stories. She has won various awards for her writing and directing, notably at FESPACO and at the Francophone Film Festival of Angoulême. Picture Box is currently developing its first feature film and a television series for children.

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