Homecoming © Andrew Mungai

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Directed by Jim Chuchu
Language: English / Kiswahili
Subtitles: English

Fantasy, science fiction and infatuation fuse as an obsessed neighbour invents ever-stranger scenarios for wooing the girl of his dreams.

Nothing is what it seems as Max – a nerdy voyeur - turns fiction into truth and the mundane into the unexpected in his quest to get the attention of Alina - the girl next door. The city of Nairobi is threatened with imminent extinction, and now is his chance to save her and verbalise his unspoken desire. However, a mysterious stranger stands in the way of his happiness. Will Max overcome his fear and save the girl? Is Alina looking for a hero? A quirky, light-hearted look at obsession and the desire to be seen.

Jim Chuchu

Written and directed by Jim Chuchu

Chuchu, based in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, is a creative all-rounder, photographer, director, musician, and video artist. Chuchu’s former band, Just a Band, was part of an art collective, and for them he co-directed what became known as “Kenya’s first viral internet meme” starring the irrepressible Kenyan superhero character Makmende. His current projects include a new album and a photography book set in postapocalyptic Africa.

An interview with director Jim Chuchu

Wanuri Kahiu © Giovanna Badilla

Producer: Wanuri Kahiu

Wanuri Kahiu is a Kenyan writer/director who directs both documentaries and fictional films. Her most celebrated film is the short science fiction film Pumzi that premiered at Sundance Film Festival. Wanuri is currently co-directing a documentary on Just a Band, a local geek-chic group, and adapting Jambula Tree, the 2007 Caine Prize Winner, into a feature length script.

Idil Ibrahim

Producer: Idil Ibrahim

Idil Ibrahim is a filmmaker based in New York and working worldwide. She has produced projects, both fiction and documentary, and filmed in places such as Serbia, Japan, Turkey, Somalia, Lebanon, Kenya and Uganda. Her films have screened at the Sundance Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival, among others.

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