Theatrical release in South African cinemas

    9 -18 May 2014
    The Bioscope Independent Cinema

    Cape Town
    30.05.2014 - 12.06.2014
    Labia Theatre


    World Premiere
    Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) All short films
    International Premiere
    Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) Berea
    (South Africa)

    Homecoming (Kenya)
    To Repel Ghosts
    (Ivory Coast)
    European Premiere
    International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) All short films
    Screenings at Goethe-Institutes
    04.02.2015 Goethe-Institut Dakar All short films
    02.03.2015 Goethe-Institut Ouagadougou All short films
    Festivals showing all short films

    Afrikanisches Filmfestival Hamburg

    Afrikamera, Berlin
    All short films
    18.09.-28.09.2014 African Film Festival, Cologne All short films
    14.06.-22.06.2014 Zanzibar International Film Festival All short films
    13.06.-20.06.2014 Festicab, Burundi All short films
    27.05.-01.06.2014 International Film Festival Innsbruck All short films
    15.05.-08.06.2014 Seattle International Film Festival All short films
    23.05.-25.05.2014 Galway African Film Festival All short films
    09.04.-13.04.2014 AfryKamera, Warsaw All short films
    19.03.-23.03.2014 CinemAfrica, Stockholm All short films
    30.01.-09.02.2014 Santa Barbara International Film Festival All short films
    Festivals showing selected short films
    22.08.-30.08.2014 Sao Paulo Kinforum, Brazil L'autre femme (Senegal)
    06.08.-16.08.2014 Festival del Film Locarno, Switzerland Berea (South Africa)
    The Line-Up (Nigeria)
    Homecoming (Kenya)
    19.06.-29.06.2014 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival L'autre femme (Senegal)
    04.06.-15.06.2014 Sydney Film Festival L'autre femme (Senegal)
    03.06.-08.06.2014 Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries and Shorts, Egypt The Cave (Egypt)
    06.05.-12.05.2014 Festival of African, Asian and Latin American Cinema; Milan Homecoming (Kenya)
    25.04.-04.05.2014 Vues d'Afrique, Montreal L'autre femme (Senegal)
    02.04.-06.04.2014 Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam, Curaçao L'autre femme (Senegal)
    29.03.-05.04.2014 International Film Festival of Fribourg L'autre femme (Senegal)
    The Line-Up (Nigeria)
    24.03.-31.03.2014 Colours of the Nile, Addis Ababa Berea (South Africa)
    L'autre femme (Senegal)
    The Line-Up (Nigeria)
    16.03.-24.03.2014 Luxor African Film Festival L'autre femme (Senegal)
    The Line-Up (Nigeria)
    Homecoming (Kenya)
    To Repel Ghosts
    (Ivory Coast)
    06.03.-09.03.2014 Women in Television & Film, Vancouver  L'autre femme (Senegal)
    27.02.-09.03.2014 Washington Jewish Film Festival  Berea
    (South Africa)
    21.02.-23.02.2014 Jozi Film Festival, Johannesburg Berea
    (South Africa)
    31.01.-08.02.2014 Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand L'autre femme (Senegal)
    06.12.-14.12.2013 Dubai International Film Festival To Repel Ghosts
    (Ivory Coast)

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